Why MoniStream ?


Visibility - Real-time Insights
(Metrics, Dashboards, Alerts)

Monitor and optimize your entire technology stack. Get end-to-end visibility across your dynamically changing systems’ performance with the Monistream Cloud Monitoring Platform. Run your business optimally.

Proactive Monitoring
(Rapid Troubleshooting)

With in-depth predictive analytics, better understand the end-to-end business impact of your systems’ performance. Get immediate insights for operations and management teams.


Multi-tenant big-data technology in one real-time, easy-to-use platform. With no infrastructure to manage, gain higher returns and lower costs.


Manage complex distributed systems through one unified monitoring and analytics big-data platform.

Proactively resolve emerging system issues before they impact your business.

Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (IPM)

Monitoring redefined !
Monistream brings SQL-based stream analytics, data collection, indexing, and automated actions in one fully customizable real-time dashboard for operations teams.

Continuous, Real-time processing of metric data
Live metric data (from databases, logs, transactions) is continuously integrated with historical data (from In-memory analytics, databases, cloud, data warehouses, etc.).

Anomaly Detection

Don’t let your customers down !
Monistream Predictive Analytics features on top of Elasticsearch uses actionable insights to shorten the system troubleshooting cycle.


  • " Oracle Database versions 12cR1 and 12cR2 are now added to Monistream supported systems "

  • " Monistream now supports Oracle Multitenant Database Option, Easier Isolation and Agility "

  • " Monistream now supports Your Oracle Database in the Cloud, Giving you more Flexibility "

About Us

We at Monistream understand that, making smarter business decisions depend on real-time access to every aspect of your operational performance.

With Monistream, companies can go from metric data to insights easily, continuously, and in real time, thus staying relevant and competitive in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Our tool allows us to speak a common language with our customer businesses, that is user experience. Over 15 years of experience under subject areas of Database and Web Technologies, Data warehouse and Big Data Systems, our comprehensive approach has been rewarded by our clients and we became one of the most trusted partners of our customers.


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  • Easy Installation & Quick Response
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard Screens
  • Customizable Controls
  • Flexible Agent Configuration
  • Low Cost Oracle Monitoring Solution Designed by Oracle Experts


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